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The Touchup Shop gives professional car tint services. Contact us to fulfill all your car care-related requirements.

Our products offer a stylish look with excellent color stability and high heat rejection without signal interference. The professional window tint allows for maximum heat rejection without any metal film. It helps to reject up to 50% of the heat coming through your car windows. 

Yes, we offer window tinting also!

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Benefits of tinting your car

  • Many cars come with an essential layer of tint on them. But now, tinting is a popular option, and you can also choose the shade, color, and location of your car tint. But tinting benefits are also optimized through professional products.
  • When you start with tint, it adds style to your car and makes your vehicle unique. The products offer us also privacy and security to your vehicle. Using tints for the windows can help make unattended cars less of a target for potential thieves, even if your necessary items are left out in public.
  • Tinting gives your vehicle all the protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Using tint can help you save the upholstery in your car, as well as defend against skin cancer. With blocking the sun’s rays, tint is also preferred to keep your car cool in the summer while helping hold heat in during the winter season.
  • Window tint can also decrease glare and make your driving much safer and more accessible. That is why tinting your car is now becoming popular day by day.
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Reach out to the different car window tints and choose the perfect one for your vehicle. We have a vast collection of products for almost any budget. We advise you to go with a trusted and reputable window tint. Our customer support team includes trained technicians that will give you complete assistance and details about the benefits of different car tinting products. Book your services now!