Frame Repair

We have State-of-the Art Frame Laser Measuring and Frame Straightening equipment capable of straightening Full-Frame and the modern Unibody Vehicles. returning them to factory tolerances. This is important for more than cosmetic reasons. Improperly straightened vehicles can cause many issues, the most important being compromised safety but also premature tire wear, uneven steering and mechanical wear potentially to the engine, transmission and other components of the vehicle.

Types of Vehicle Frames

Before we discuss the auto frame repair process, it is important to discuss the two fundamental kinds of frame designs: unibody and body-on-frame.
At the beginning of the 20th century, automobiles were not built like they are today. Many vehicles did not come with unibody chassis. This means that the body of the vehicle was distinct from the chassis. In the end, the strength of these cars was pretty weak.

Today, most cars have improved structural strength. Frames with unibody are now commonplace. The cars are stronger structurally since, most of the time, the cabin is built in the frame.

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Identification of Damage

The detection of damage to the auto frame following an accident might not be straightforward if the damage appears to be minimal. But, a skilled technician can identify it by measuring the specific locations of the chassis.

There are certain areas in the vehicle, referred to as crumple zones. These zones are created to help victims of a crash. If there’s a collision, the crumple zones absorb the force from the impact and crush, leading to fewer fatalities for passengers.

But they can have a negative side–they cause your frame to be more fragile. Even collisions with low speeds can cause significant damages.

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How Auto Frame Repair is Performed

The process for auto frame repair depends on the kind of frame and the severity that the frame being damaged.

A-frame repair machine for autos includes a huge platform as well as several towers that can be rotated. Clamps are used to fix an automobile to the platform, while chains are used to fix the damaged parts to towers.

Most often, mechanics employ hydraulics and force to make the frame straighter. They are extremely useful to pull and push the damaged frame back to restore its original form. For greater precision, some technicians employ advanced technology like the laser measurement system.

After dismantling it, technicians place the damaged frame onto the platform. The frame is bolted in a manner that cannot be moved. After determining the areas that need to be secured, the technicians connect chains to certain points within the frame.

If the laser diagnostics confirm the proper alignment of the frame, the towers rotate, and the chains are connected to the other parts of the frame that require straightening. The technician gradually increases the tension of the chain using the hydraulic device. It continues to be done until the whole frame is back to factory specifications.

The successful repair of a car frame needs an exact alignment of the frame as the wrong alignment could cause more serious problems, such as more frequent tire wear, uneven steering, and unsafe safety.

Framing damage shouldn’t be considered a matter of putting off. While many mechanics can do auto frame repair quite efficiently, precise straightening and repair require modern technology and the expertise of skilled technicians.

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